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Election Bridge and Pembrook Farms: Reviving Community Spirit and Streamlining Civic Engagement

In this detailed case study, we're going to explore how Election Bridge, a leading civic intelligence app, served as a catalyst for Pembrook Farms a homeowners association (HOA) in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and ultimately connected the revived community with localized infrastructure funding. This story offers key insights into how a tech-enabled community-led initiative can inspire positive changes and create strong connections between residents, HOAs, and local government.

The Initial Challenge: A Community Losing Its Identity

Pembrook Farms, an HOA created in 2006, had sadly fallen into dissolved status by 2021. A few concerned community members in 2022 perceived a steady erosion of community spirit and identity, prompting them to contemplate the reinstatement of the HOA. The challenge was formidable: gaining community support, raising necessary funds, revising bylaws, renewing legal documents, and establishing connections with relevant government bodies.

Enter Election Bridge: A Strategic Partnership

The community leaders' quest for change led them to Election Bridge during a customer discovery interview. Recognizing the potential of this civic intelligence platform, they collaborated with Election Bridge to kickstart an outreach campaign to garner community support. Through effective coordination and use of Election Bridge's robust features, the initiative gained traction amongst community members.

Community Engagement and Fundraising

Upon gaining community awareness and support, the group initiated a fundraising drive to accrue capital for essential support services, including Election Bridge’s platform and legal assistance. Their fundraising efforts were successful, showing the strength and unity of the community.

Reviving the HOA: A Community-Led Initiative

Over the next few months, they collaborated with legal services to refresh their bylaws and renew legal documents with the state of Georgia, ensuring the process was transparent and participatory. Community members were actively involved through group discussions, polls, and posts facilitated by the Election Bridge platform.

First Community-Wide Election

Following the reinstatement of the HOA, the platform was put to use for its intended purpose – to facilitate fair and efficient elections. Pembrook Farms successfully utilized Election Bridge to hold its first community-wide election, appointing its inaugural board.

Identifying Community Needs

Once established, the board used Election Bridge's platform to engage with the community and identify pressing needs. Through fruitful discussions and feedback collection, they were able to understand the community's priorities better.

Connecting with Local Government

Election Bridge's unique capability to convert community feedback into actionable data insights played a key role here. By presenting these insights to local government officials, they facilitated a connection between Pembrook's HOA and the Department of Transportation. This led to the successful application for localized infrastructure funding, resulting in crucial community repairs.

The Future of Election Bridge

While Election Bridge's technology continues to evolve and become more efficient, the human element remains central to our work. The story of Pembrook Farms illustrates how we strive to balance cutting-edge technology with human insight to deliver high-quality services that meet the unique needs of various organizations.


In the end, the Pembrook Farms case study illustrates the transformative power of Election Bridge. It's not just an election platform; it's a tool for community engagement, a bridge to government resources, and an engine of civic revival.

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