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This Year Will Be The Year of Civic Education!

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Involvement and participation begin with education. We believe that all citizens have an undeniable right to understand their political system; To be embraced by your political system and feel adequate and accepted as a qualified participant is what we strive to do. In an age of growing connectivity and digitization of our world, we truly have a universe of knowledge at our fingertips. Yet, civic engagement continues to lag. Out of the 239 million eligible voters only 66% have exercised their rights in the most recent 2020 presidential election. We believe that there is a sincere disconnect between citizens and the information needed to be inspired and educated in the realm of government and bureaucracy.

We know that increased civic education has a significant, positive impact on civic engagement, but we also know that civic education is both lacking, limited, and not a constant provision in most K-12 curricula. For those students who choose to further their education beyond high school, civic education becomes even more sparse. Though these are the formative years in developing habits in civic engagement. Beyond these educational institutions, there is little to no support in building a citizen’s civic knowledge. What if we can provide that education by meeting people halfway? What if we created an educational platform that brought government and the bureaucracy to the citizens they govern?

What if we closed the gap between the information that’s out there and the residents that need it? There are several applications that provide a space for people to come together with community. Some of these applications have seen wide success and have sparked interest in neighborhoods. However, interest rarely travels beyond initial inception, unless it is equipped to move forward. We believe that this drive for connection in society could be amplified. Studies show that people use apps that provide connection, and when we combine this connection with civic education, we can bring citizens into our democracy in a meaningfully, powerful way.

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