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About Us

Inspiration and Innovation Empowering Society

We envision a world where cutting-edge technology and civic intelligence come together to empower civil society and drive positive change. With our innovative approach, we aim to unlock the power of data and insights to strengthen communities and push progress towards a better future for all.

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Our Story

It was during their service in Peace Corps Albania that Ackeem Evans and Jermaine Hartsfield first crossed paths. As they worked alongside foreign leaders, government officials, and NGOs, they saw firsthand the critical role that civil society plays in maintaining trust and reciprocity within communities. It was during this time that they first envisioned a solution to the communication gap between citizens and their government - a platform that would empower individuals to effect meaningful change. With their combined expertise and a passion for civic engagement, they founded Election Bridge. Their dedication to their mission and unwavering commitment to making the world a better place is a testament to the power of human potential.

Meet The Team

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 Strategic Advisors

Head of SMB Platform Sales & Business Development


President and Chief Revenue Officer at Marketing Evolution

Director, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum & 74th President of the Society of American Archivists

Our Partners

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